The Holografik Danser (Johnny Cash’s Science-Fiction novel)


Johnny Cash spent the ’60s going in and out of jail. When he wasn’t quitting hard drugs and subsequently joining them again, Cash was writing classic songs of sorrow and redemption that can be sung only in a deep baritone voice or not at all.

He also wrote “The Holografik Danser,” a science fiction tale about a future where America has been conquered by the Soviets and English.

After spending the first half letting readers know that being conquered by an enemy power would be a total bummer, all that is dropped so that the story can become about how protagonist Phil Graver decides to buy a holographic projection of a flamenco dancer that comes into his room through his phone lines.

When he tries to enter the holographic world bodily, he loses his life energy and dies.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Quoted text via Cracked.

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